Are your cosmetics in your makeup bag EXPIRED!?

I  recently did some research since I was hearing people state different shelf life for basic makeup products. I did this a few nights ago before I  went through my makeup kit and started throwing out the old and  making a list to restock it with new products, which i religiously do the last week of every month. Here is a basic guide of expected life span of your makeup cosmetics and a few things to watch out for! The reason you should do it is to prevent, unwanted break outs, and skin or eye infections.

MASCARA- Should last up to 2 months or when the label is warn off, it clumps, specks, becomes dry, or smells bad.

FOUNDATION- Lasts 18-24 months, throw away if it smells bad or if cream foundation separates.

POWDER- Lasts up to 2 years unless it becomes dry, or has an odor other than its original fragrance.

LIP PENCILS- Up to 1 year- always sharpen or dip in alcohol to kill germs after each use.

EYE PENCILS- Up to typically 3 months- always sharpen or dip in alcohol  to kill germs after each use.

EYE SHADOWS & BLUSH- Lasts the longest, throw away if it has become too dry or has lost its pigment.

BRUSHES- When your brushes start to look like fans & the tips begin to stain a different color its time for new brushes. Keep brushes clean with brush cleaner and 90% alcohol. Wash your brushes with conditioner once a month and let air dry.

* To make sure your products are up to date place a small piece of tape on back of the containers and record the date purchased on it.


Hello World!

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Shannon you can read more about me and my history in the “About” section. Just a brief breakdown tho – I am a Professional makeup artist and have been doing it since 2003.
Makeup and Photography is my passion, and it has opened many new doors for me ranging from hair styling to eyelash and hair extensions, to body painting and airbrush tanning. I love that i can live in such a creative world and be passionate about the work I do, and i am blessed to be able to go to work and leave my 16 month old son for something I truly love doing!
I will be updating this blog as much as possible, between beautifying, shooting and being a mommy (as well as updating my other 2  blogs).  Please join in on this journey, you will learn a lot about me, my work, jobs, beauty tips, before and after’s, pros and cons to certain products, contests, deals, what is in my kit, makeup I love, and so much more! You will also be able to view my new makeup tutorials that are I am currently in the process of making!